Chancellor's Special Announcement

September 30, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

The Chancellor's Special Announcement

These two....are such amazing souls. I met them YEARS ago when I shot Brittany's cousin's wedding. It was one of my first weddings here in Little Rock actually. We all had an instant connection and I have no shot several weddings and portraits for this crazy family. Im afraid they are stuck with me. :) 

Brittany and Cody contacted me about a month ago for a very special session. And they wanted to do it where we did their engagement session FIVE YEARS AGO!!!!! They wanted to recreate some of them. But they had a purpose behind this session. They wanted to announce that they were now FOSTER PARENTS! These two are truly angels. They melt my heart with how giving and loving they are. Seriously some of the most amazing people.

Whatever child gets to be cared for by them will be sooooooo insanely loved by so many people. Prayers for Brittany and Cody and for this new journey they have started. 





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